X-Plore UCSD

Note: Xplore has become an independent project since 2020


Essentially, X-Plore UCSD is a mobile application that aims to provide a pleasant, easy-to-use, and highly customizable guided touring experience for all tourists and prospective students visiting the UC San Diego campus. Thus, a “virtual tour guide” for everyone.


X-Plore UCSD features intuitive UI workflow, turn-by-turn navigation with full graphics and audio support, and interactive detail pages for each landmark. Furthermore, in order to simplify the user experience to its max, X-Plore UCSD presents preset tours with different focuses (scenery/academic resources/etc) so users can skip customizing tours and “1-click” to start exploring UC San Diego. Other than providing the ultimate touring experience, X-Plore UCSD also supports an “Encyclopedia Mode” that allows the user to directly access all landmark details & their background stories here at UC San Diego. This feature also helps the user to easily navigate to utility facilities, such as restrooms and restaurants, during their visit. Currently, a dedicated group is working on this project and has already made solid progress.


The expected date for the release of this product will be June 2020.

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