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The central branding hub for our organization, the official site introduces our organization and quarterly projects

Melody Song

Tech Lead

Xiyan Shao


Ziyi Ye


Feiyi Hu

Jianghua Lu

Yuru Zhou

The Nuxt UCSD Triple C Official Website

UCSD Triple C official website, now rewritten w/ vuejs, nuxtjs, and vuetify, coming with tons of new features!
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The official website is designed to help people who are interested in Triple C to get to know us better. We used a clear and simple UI design to make sure the viewers can easily find the information they are looking for. The website allows others who are unfamiliar with Triple C to know more details about what we do. The official website contains information about our founding history and projects that students did in the past. We also have our weekly newsletter and future events detail on the website so students can easily access the latest information.

Built With

  • Front-end
  • Back-end
    • Springboot
      • Mysql
      • Spring Security
    • AWS
      • Lambda
      • Cloud Front
    • Mailchip API

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