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We are Triple C (Chinese Computer Community), a Non-Profit Student Organization at UCSD, founded in September 2018. We are a project-based, incubator community, contributing to Chinese speaking students who are interested in the Internet Industry and providing them the opportunities to learn more about Web development, UI/UX Design, Project Management, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence project/research experience. At the same time, we help students reach out to their future career network for a broader platform.

At Triple C, each project team is led by their own project manager. Members in Triple C could choose a Project Team which either they are interested in or have experiences with that project basic qualifications, and then collaborate with their team members. By here, we grant students with social practices of innovations, collaborations, and leadership. We believe that technology produces value but it alone is not enough. The core values of triple C is innovation and collaboration, implementing innovative ideas through team collaboration.

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