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Infolder is a website application that can help students share their works with the world. Unlike traditional project presentation websites, Infolder emphasizes on the integrated experience of student and recruiter users. As a student, the user can upload project images, edit project descriptions, create a personal profile, and feature their liked projects; as a recruiter, the user can stay anonymous, inspect the collection of projects sorted by popularity and categorized by disciplines, and view the authors’ profiles from the projects. Therefore, Infolder creates a platform for sharing projects, providing positive feedback, and showcasing students’ talents to potential recruiters. Infolder also provides a unique opportunity for students that are involved in different disciplines, such as Software Development, Computer Engineering, Fine Arts, Graphics Design, and more. To recognize and encourage interdisciplinary projects, Infolder allows student users to label their projects with multiple tags, from multiple disciplines. Through the tags, not only can the students demonstrate diverse projects, but they can also showcase their versatile skills. For the recruiters, they can learn about different aspects of the students that traditional project websites and resumes fail to provide.

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Our Team

Hanyu Shen

Software Developer

Haoran Fang

Software Developer

Siyu Wang

Software Developer

Zhixin xiao

UI/UX Designer

Yidie Ling

UI/UX Designer

Tianxing Liu

Project Manager