Data Science Project

Study at UCSD

Our project delivers various interesting analysis on UCSD students’ study life, including student class satisfaction, departements’ program ranking based courses’ average GPA and workload, study hours and grade tendency, and quarterly differences analysis on selected courses and majors. All analysis are based on all the past UCSD cape review data.


The project aims to build up an algorithm, implementing CNN (Convolutional Neural Network), to rate different selfies and give specific scores in terms of angle, composition, light conditions to “direct” the users to take a good selfie. With the algorithm, we will develop a mobile app for selfie. By comparing the different screenshots the camera gets when the user turning/waving their phone, it can tell the user the perfect angle, distance and even expressions to take a good selfie.

Little Little Car

Our project conducts analysis on used car prices in the U.S. in order to predict the price of a given car in the future. The features we identify in each car consist of the make, model, the year used, and mileage of a given car. We used BeautifulSoup to fetch 1.9 million used car data from the website and corresponding original MSRP from

Our Team


Xuege Gao

Cape Project Team: Member

Zhaoyi Hou



Haoshu Qin



Yucheng Peng


Jia Shi


Yu-Chieh Chen


Yijun Liu


Snow Chen

Cape Project Team: Project Manager/Data Scientist

Xiang Lu

Cape Project Team: Member

Guolong Li

Cape Project Team: Member